O’ Mother, O’ Mine


Gone are the days when people were sympathetic about those who shaped their lives. Little we usually bear in mind those who cared us and cherished us a lot. In fact we are such forgetful creatures! You may wonder why I should bother about this, but certainly there’s an answer for it. Have you ever thought of your mom so much that you shed tears for her unknowingly? Well, even if you didn’t do so, it doesn’t mean you hate her, but perhaps someone else has filled in her place in your heart! Remember moms deserve much more from us.

My mom is a special person. She is a gift from God. Never had I slept a night without thinking about her. Once I recall how she fed me from her gentle breasts, and how much she hushed me in her arms to rest, I just feel like longing her care much. My mom is a selfless person, a loving wife, a caring mother, a devoted daughter and a true lady. For all that and more, I’ll always love mom.

Throughout her life, there has never been an off-day in her calendar. Everyday is a working day for her. Hard work has been her philosophy in life. Whenever you tell her ‘Relax’, her response remains the same, ‘No, not now!’ I remember she used to wake up early in the morning before even daybreak. Guess what! She was in the kitchen and making the breakfast! She would make sure that my breakfast was ready and my school uniforms gently ironed before I came back from Subah prayer. Wow, that’s my mom!

Despite dad wasn’t there to help her out, I never felt his gap that much. She has been my mom and dad as well. Many times she enrolled us the best schools one could dream of. Imagine we were the smartest children.  She really showed us an unwavering support. Mom just did all these chores for our own happiness.

When someone is to think of stories, she is the best story-teller.  She used to tell us pretty stories before we go to bed. I simply jump into conclusion that mom was Cigaal Shidaad’s fun. I still fond of those stories. Her art of entertainment was beyond imaginations. How much I love to tell the same stories to my kids too!

Grown do mean nothing to a mother. A child is a child. That’s why she always asks me whether I had eaten well at this age! She doesn’t care the distance between us. Doubtless to say that mom is my truest friend. When friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us, she’s the only perfect rejoin. She doesn’t have that I-don’t-care-attitude. Mom could cling to you and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissolve the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.

Our childhood was too funny.  We did so many foolish things and yet we shook our mom’s hearts. There was a day that I and my younger sister had to go to school.  Mom was the one to escort us to school everyday.  We used to wait her nearby our home. I was that crazy boy you would imagine! I saw a car from a far. Then I waved for it . To me, it was just  for fun. But the driver was that nice guy who stopped the car and asked us to get on. He drove us to the school. Wow, the car was so comfortable. Whereas we enjoyed the car’s comfort, it was a different story for mom. That was a terrible day. She tried on everywhere until she found us in a school after three-hours-wild search.  She run to us and hugged both of us. ‘You kids, you don’t know how much you touched me. Please don’t do that again.” she screamed. I could see the tears rolling down her cheeks but I felt like I am an innocent!

My mom is that democratic mom who happily discusses her faults and flaws with us because she ever wants us to learn from her. She always encourages me to pursue every opportunity, not matter how far, even though she knows that she will see me only once in a blue moon.

Lastly, though I know there are millions of less fortunate children in this world who have never seen the wonderful love of mom, I thank Almighty Allah million times for that.  A mother’s love is something that no one can explain in words. It is made of deep devotion and of sacrifice. It is endless and unselfish. For nothing can destroy it or take that love away. Mom was unfailing in her devotion to Allah. She knew that-beyond death-an even greater life, an eternal life, was waiting for her. I always pray her to end up in Heaven. I miss her more than I can express and ask you readers to remember our moms in your prayers.

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