The Rainbow of Hope

Abdikadir D. Askar, DIT, BPA, MIR (Cand.).

Over the last 20 years, war of ugliest kind has been fought in Somalia.  Somali people, wherever they are, spoiled their true identity. Don’t get offended. This is a choice Somalis made themselves!  Today what-so-called Somali Republic is shattered into pieces and exists just in dreams. The ‘Somali’ name has been labeled with all sorts of evils of today’s world- terrorism, piracy, extreme poverty, to mention but a few. The average common man in all across the world- black and white, Muslim and non Muslim, will slap you with the reality that Somalis are senseless, violent and some even more dreadful manifestations. It means Somalis are comfortable with disunity despite the fact that there are many factors that can bind the
m together. However, in this piece of writing I intend to urge Somalis to put aside their grievances and find a way to live together. Read More