The Rainbow of Hope

Abdikadir D. Askar, DIT, BPA, MIR (Cand.).

Over the last 20 years, war of ugliest kind has been fought in Somalia.  Somali people, wherever they are, spoiled their true identity. Don’t get offended. This is a choice Somalis made themselves!  Today what-so-called Somali Republic is shattered into pieces and exists just in dreams. The ‘Somali’ name has been labeled with all sorts of evils of today’s world- terrorism, piracy, extreme poverty, to mention but a few. The average common man in all across the world- black and white, Muslim and non Muslim, will slap you with the reality that Somalis are senseless, violent and some even more dreadful manifestations. It means Somalis are comfortable with disunity despite the fact that there are many factors that can bind the
m together. However, in this piece of writing I intend to urge Somalis to put aside their grievances and find a way to live together.Rainbow of Hope

As someone who loves peace and order, but happens to be Somalilander by nationality and Somali by ethnicity, I hope twenty years is a good enough to shed the blood of innocent Somalis anymore in this modern world. Enough is enough.  Lawlessness and anarchy must find no room in our lives. And by now the horrible images of skeletal Somali children and exhausted mothers with shriveled breasts should have touched you.  My essence is to remind you, Somalis, your troubles so that we give peace a chance and help save souls.

Somalis have been burden to the shoulders of international community. They failed to re-establish themselves and stand by its feet again.  Since the demise of the Somali state, more than a million people in Somalia died as a result of war, food crisis and disease- a deep human misfortune. Many children and mothers are still sick of malnutrition and famine. Others are in deep sorry state and displaced within the country. While many more people turned out to be refugees outside Somalia.Somalia became safe haven for terrorists and extremists like Alshabab who sing the same old ‘beautiful songs’ that they are fighting Jihad and serving the interests of people.  Yet they are bombing the defendless, famine-stricken and war-ravaged Somali people every day. A war of non Somalis – Al Qaeda Vs Western is brought safely to Somalia. They are using Somali people and drowned them into the ocean of blood.

As there is no strong central authority as yet that restores total peace and rule of law, the problems of Somalis will remain a matter of great concern.  And every Somali will therefore become a victim of that. More importantly, although all the above problems are broad and much visible, the knot of Somalis has not been binding, simply because they prefer clannish ideologies, personal interests and mistrust among them. There is nothing like common goal and cohesive aspirations. God knows when the pro

Serious malnutrition … scores of Somali children are dying.

blems will come to an end but I wish it hurts all Somalis beyond my imaginations. I believe until the cancer of tribalism is cured, the chaotic situation will no more loss momentum but rather swallow up more innocent lives.

Way Forward

To my view point, the new political trends after the London Conference on Somalia are a glimpse of a better future for Somalia. Only if Somalis stand together and work for the common objective, Somalia will become respected and the past grumbles will be brought on halt. Let the above evils that impacted Somalis serve a good lesson in which people start life again and co-exist peacefully.

Transitional Federal Government (TFG) should also be highly praised for their determined effort to pick up the pieces, bring about positive change, re-build institutions and endorse elections to take place with the help of international community like Turkey and Uganda.  The defeat and removal of Alshabab from the main towns in South and central Somalia is a rainbow of hope and optimism. It is a moment of relief to many Somalis who are tired of insecurity and mayhem. Now Somalis seem that they are resuscitating from long coma and finding better.  May Almighty God make them even more proposer and peaceful- Amen.

Somalia civil war islamic- (

Somalis say ‘let us talk means let us reach solution’,therefore I push for all the Somali stakeholders to dialogue with one another and listen to each other respectfully.  Let the optimism that materialized and dreams of poor Somalis should not be devastated again.  And now it is time to leave the disagreements and come on sense.  Let the thousands that fled their motherland find peace and return home and invest in more.  Political leaders should also be responsible in creating one voice for the peace and must recognize the importance of building trust among the people.

Abdikadir D. Askar is a Somali student based in Uganda pursuing his MA in International Relations and Diplomacy from Cavendish University. He has extensively researched and written about the plight of Somali people. His passion lies in addressing the challenges that brought about the demise of  the greater Somalia.



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