Hargeisa, Somaliland, 16 December 2015 – Today marks the last of the five-day representatives training and foreign policy dialogue. The Foreign Minister Dr. Saad Ali Shire said “our main mission is to be recognised by the international community which requires an enhanced cooperation between the government of Somaliland which does not only concern one individual but rather it’s a national concern.”

Regardless of having recognition or not will not stop the government of Somaliland providing good governance to the people of Somaliland. The Republic of Somaliland is a prosperous and peaceful nation that will continue to invest in maintaining peace. The Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Adan Ismail thanked the participants for attending this last day of the conference and their contributions which was overall remarkable.

This meeting ended with the Foreign Minister handing over award of certificates to the representatives of Somaliland. “This conference was very engaging and was a success which was also the first to ever witness all of my colleagues under one roof,” said the representative in UK Ali Adan Awale.

Issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, Republic of Somaliland.

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