Somaliland: Key Ministers Trained On Communications

Hargeisa, 18 January, 2016 – Key Somaliland government Ministers met in Hargeisa on Monday to learn how to improve communications with the media to improve the flow of information to the public and the world about the country’s development and stability.

“Communication through the media is a vital way to keep the public informed about what the government is doing on the public’s behalf to improve prosperity and stability,” said Foreign Minister Ali Shire

Shire, who hosted the meeting, was joined in the training session by the Minister of Interior Ali Mohamed, Minister of Planning Ali Hussein Ismail, Deputy Ministers of MFA&IC and Information Ahmed Aden Ismail and Shugri Hariir.

Two trainers helped them to develop ways to priorities the growth of Somaliland as a democratic, stability and law-abiding state on the media agenda as a way to keeping the public informed.IMG_0003 IMG_0004 IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_0011 IMG_0023 IMG_0031 IMG_0040 IMG_0041

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