The Rise of the BRICS in Africa: Developmental or Self-Interest?

The rise of the BRICS countries, particularly China,  has reshaped the economic and geopolitical realities in Africa for the past two decades. Across infrastructure financing, trade, investment and aid, there is no other traditional Western Power with such colossal engagement in Africa than China. The Chinese companies invest enormously in all across Africa by bringing new technologies, creating jobs, developing skills for the local Africans and immensely contributing to the Africa state’s public revenue. The recent Africa-China economic relationship has threatened the dominance of the traditional ‘Great Powers’ in the fields of economics and geopolitics.  There are challenges that make the Sino/Africa relations unbalanced such as the Chinese workers and the ‘cheap’  products overflowing African domestic markets.  Considering both sides of the coin, however, China’s involvement in Africa is perceived positively by Africans,  and China is  a significant partner who has generated multiple prospects for African development despite Africa’s development move is relatively slow. Continue reading “The Rise of the BRICS in Africa: Developmental or Self-Interest?”