A Nation in Search of Peace

Over the last 20 years, a war of ugliest kind has been fought in Somalia, and  Africa’s paradise was shattered by its people. Today, the country is regarded as the world’s number one failed state.  So are the people. Because they lose the wisdom to bring their state’s pieces together and stand their feet again. Rather Somalis have many axes to grind amid the worsening humanitarian crisis. The truth be told,  the world can no longer withstand this man-made burden and it is up Somalis to devise solutions.

In this piece of writing, however, I intend to urge you (Somalis) to put your grievances aside and find a way to live peacefully together. I assume thirty years is a ‘good enough’ to shed the blood of innocent Somalis. And by now, the images of Somali corpses killed through ceaseless explosions should have shaken your heart( if you still have one!).

Falling apart at the seams

Since the dissolution of the Somali state, more than a million people died as a result of war, food crisis and diseases. Over three million people have fled the country and turned out to be refugees outside Somalia. Nowadays, the number of children and mothers suffering from acute malnutrition and famine is reportedly increasing at high speed.

As there is no central authority as yet that restores a total peace and rule of law, Somali tribal disunity would further continue inviting global War on Terror to their home, as terrorist like Alshabab who claim ‘they fight Jihad and serve the interests of people‘  would find an opportunity to benefit the status quo. Yet the terrorists would slaughter the defenceless, famine-stricken and war-ravaged Somali people every day.


A young boy leads hard-line Islamist al-Shabab fighters as they conduct military exercises in northern Mogadishu’s Suqaholaha neighborhood. ©VOA

Although all the problems are too broad to address at once, yet the dream for a prosperous Somalia is hanged by a thread. This is owing to the fact that Somalis prefer clan ideologies and pursue personal interests over the public cause. There is nothing like a shared goal or unified aspiration at the moment. God knows when the lawlessness and instability would come to an end, but I believe, the pain is now hurting every Somali. The chaotic situation would no more loss momentum but rather would swallow up more innocent lives as long as Somalis deepen their divide.

There is still hope, despite the sufferings

There seems a glimpse of a better future for Somalia after the London Conference on Somalia. If  the recommendations proposed in the communiqué are fulfilled by those concerned, Somalis can dust off their grotesque past and usher a new era of peace and stability.  Let the above ills that drove Somalis bonkers over the decades serve good lessons and make sure you breathe a new life to your country.


Somalia’s President  Sharif (C) speaks, as Kenya’s President  Kibaki (L)  listen during the London Conference on Somalia ©VOA

The Transitional Federal Government (TFG) should also be praised for their determined effort to pick up the pieces and rebuild the country’s ruined public institutions. The defeat and removal of Alshabab from the main towns in southern Somalia is a rainbow of new hope and will  further strengthen the confidence of the state-building mechanisms.

Somalis say ‘let us talk means let us reach a solution,’ for that reason I advise you, my brothers and sisters, to dialogue with one another and listen to each other respectfully. Let’s preserve the optimism that materialised and give peace a chance so that the Diaspora return home and invest in more.

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