The Somalia-Somaliland Talks. A Crossroads or a Dead End?


Somaliland’s Government perceives it as an opportunity to gain recognition; Somalia’s Federal Government, on the other hand, envisages recognition as a process of tearing the ‘Somali Republic’ apart. Whatever the myths surrounding any rational decision, the world is watching to see whether Somalis mend or break the fence that has divided them for decades. Continue reading

Are state institutions relevant to the politics of the poor?


In the developing world, more than a third of their urban populations live in areas where the social amenities such as water, healthcare, housing and education are desperately needed. Therefore, the state institutions and their policies– whether or not supported by aid agencies and development banks – need to work harder in addressing these problems. But for many scholars, the attention does not only focus on the role of state institutions or international NGOs but the part of the poor groups themselves. This is because the traditional state-managed approaches to poverty alleviation have not fully met the demands of a vast majority of the urban population. Continue reading

‘Everyday resistance’: Poor People’s Politics


‘Poor people’, though contribute to the vast majority of the developing world, their role in shaping the political dramas [within state] is always over-looked.  They hardly get noticed in the political spectrum. Not because they do not participate in the political exercises but their representation as ‘poor people’ is significantly underestimated in many parts of the Global South. With this in mind, James Scott introduced a theoretical concept ‘everyday resistance’ in 1985, to study how people act in their everyday lives in ways that might undermine power which is typically hidden, individual and not politically articulated. Continue reading

Somaliland’s Recognition: The Undiscovered Secret


Unknown to many people in the world is a yet-to-be-recognised state with three and a half million population in the Horn of Africa. It is a remarkable country that has emerged out from the ashes of the collapsed Somalia. Up till now, it stayed stable for over two decades without any external support. It is a country that has set brilliant records regarding government institution building and peace maintenance which was based on a unique blend of traditional conflict-resolving approach and modern democracy. This happens to be Somaliland – Africa’s bonfire of peace and freedom. Continue reading

My Country, My Pride!

The world has been unfair about my country, Somaliland; despite it has remarkably achieved enormous political successes in the midst of hostile Horn region over the past two decades. The economy is currently progressing. So is the democracy. Our traditional state-building approach is believed to be a useful lesson for African states, particularly those who have failed to put their pieces together. We, Somalilanders, milk in peace with so little bi-literal support, and yet our hopes are high. Continue reading